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Select the system group you are looking for, example Colour Video.

Then select from the system types listed a system that has the number of door stations or entrances you require, then select the number of room stations you require.

Click on the link and you will be directed to the appropriate model page on the website.
Colour Video Systems

1 door to 1 room hands free wireless type WL11

1 door 1 to 2 rooms hands free type JO1MD

1 door 1 to 2 rooms hands free with mobile phone connection JO1MDW

1 door 1 to 2 rooms hands free type with picture memory JK1MED  -  JO1MDW

1 to 2 doors 1 to 3 rooms hands free type with picture memory JF2MED

1 to 4 doors 1 to 8 rooms hands free and handset type with pan & tilt and picture memory JP4MED

1 to 120 doors 1 to 8 rooms hands free type AX8MV

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Audio Commercial Systems
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