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intercom australiaWe at Intercom Australia are well placed to meet all of your Aiphone intercom needs.

We can supply you with quality Aiphone brand intercom equipment at a very competitive price.

More importantly we can provide accurate guidance on the installation of this equipment to make sure you complete your install and it works first time. We have 40 years experience with Aiphone so we know what we are talking about.

We provide free comprehensive technical assistance by phone if you need it, gathered from over 40 years experience with Aiphone intercoms.

We can also come to site if required (charges may apply)

Do you have a site that wants to upgrade their old intercom system, we can advise if the existing cabling will be suitable before you do the job, saving you time and money.

Need to know what is the correct type of cable to install for an Aiphone intercom system, contact us and we will give you the right advice on type and size of cable for any Aiphone intercom system.

Need an installation manual for a system you will be installing contact us and we will email you a copy of the manual or click on the link on the product pages to download a pdf copy.

So Contact Us for a price, you will not be disappointed.