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The Aiphone GT Digital apartment intercom system is the latest in the Aiphone range of apartment intercom systems. With the same architecture as the very popular Aiphone GH digital apartment intercom system the Aiphone GT apartment system offers the additional features of Hands Free as well as handset type room stations, Colour video with Pan/Tilt, audio hands free, expandable to sixteen main entrance stations, expandable to five hundred apartments and allowing up to four room stations to be installed per apartment.

A large range of apartment stations are available making it possible to provide either a fully featured system or just a basic apartment intercom system as required. Apartment stations are available in both video and audio models in both hands free and handset styles. Some models have picture recording and also allow up to four stations to be installed in an apartment with internal communication.  Apartment stations have some models also fitted with a hearing aid feature to help user with a hearing aid fitted with a T coil.

Video entrance panels feature 170 degree panoramic wide angle view enabling entrance stations to cater for wheelchair access and pedestrian access. Video entrance panels are available in a stylish flush mount stainless steel or semi flush or surface mounted vandal resistant steel. Audio entry panels are only available in steel.

Also entrance stations have audio and visual guidance to instruct visitors of the progress of their call.

Entrance panels can be either Direct Select using a single call button for each apartment or have a Digital Keypad to select the apartment number.

The GT2C and GT2CL enable you to connect a video entry station entry station so the apartment can have a video entry at the door of the apartment. A GTD or GTDL audio door station are also available to provide an audio only door station at the door of the apartment.

The apartment number on digital keypad entry panels can be programmed from from 1 to 999,999 and any letter from A to Z making the Aiphone GH suitable for single storey or multi storey complexes. Keypad entrance stations also allow for keyless entry by using the keypad to open the door with up to 500 entry codes in either 4, 5 or 6 digit numbers.

There are seven types of GT colour video apartment stations with two video apartment substations and two audio apartment stations available.

Different models can be intermixed in the same installation.

  1. Aiphone GT1C Colour video hands free apartment station with pan/tilt zoom feature.
  2. Aiphone GT1CL Colour video apartment station with pan/tilt zoom feature and hearing aid feature.
  3. Aiphone GT2C Colour video hands free apartment station with picture recording and pan/tilt zoom feature as well as local video door station input. (requires local 24V power supply)
  4. Aiphone GT2CL Colour video hands free apartment station with picture recording and pan/tilt zoom feature hearing aid feature as well as local video door station input. (requires local 24V power supply)
  5. Aiphone GT2H Colour video hands free apartment substation with picture recording and pan/tilt zoom feature for use with GT2C master station, max three GT2H per apartment.
  6. Aiphone GT2HL Colour video hands free apartment substation with picture recording and pan/tilt zoom feature hearing aid feature for use with GT2C master station, max three GT2HL per apartment.
  7. Aiphone GT1ML Colour video handset apartment station with hearing aid feature.
  8. Aiphone GT1A Audio hands free apartment station.
  9. Aiphone GT1D Audio handset apartment station with hearing aid feature.

Note the GT system allows up to a maximum of 500 apartment stations in an expanded system. If more than one intercom station is installed in an apartment the total number of apartments is reduced. Though if the GT2C stations are used in conjunction with the GT2H substations up to 500 apartments can have up to four stations installed in each apartment. A local 24VDC power supply is required for each apartment in this case when GT2C stations are used. Number of power supplies required will be determined by the number of GT2C and GT2H stations installed.

The apartment stations are fitted with a service switch, this switch can be used to operate lift access in a standard system or local door release at the apartment.

Concierge stations can also be added to the system for installations in managed apartments or apartments which have a security desk. The Concierge can call apartments as well as receive calls from the apartments. Calls from the entrance stations can also be transferred to the Concierge if required after hours. The GT2C has the ability to call any of the four concierge stations separately.

The GT system is available in two formats.

  1. Aiphone GT Standard system which enables up to five entrance stations and up to forty eight apartment stations in either audio or video.
  2. Aiphone GT Expanded system which enables up to sixteen entrance stations and up to a total of five hundred apartment stations in either audio or video with lift interface.

The Aiphone GT expanded system has the added feature of programmable lift interface control by adding up to sixteen GTWLC lift interface modules. Each which have twenty relay outputs. Relays can be set as NO or NC and the operation time of the relays can be set from 1 to 600 seconds. Only name scroll type entrance panels should be used when a GTWLC is installed, do not install direct select entrance panels in this case.

For the installer the Aiphone GT system is easy to install with only two wires for an audio system and four for a video system. You can setup via a PC for systems with digital keypad entrances and have the ability to save all programming data to a PC. Connection to the PC is by the USB port, no more fiddling with RS232 converters and com port settings.

Apartment station addressing for the GT1C and GT2C apartment stations can be set by the dip switches on these apartment stations or by link programming as in the earlier GH system.  If addressing by the dip switches a digital keypad entry station must be used and it must be set up using the Aiphone software. The other GT apartment stations link setting is set by installation programming.

The Aiphone GT digital apartment system being a modular design enables systems to be configured to suit your exact installation requirements. Please contact us with your installation requirements and we will gladly configure an Aiphone GT system to suit your installation.

Note: the GT and GH systems have a certain amount of compatibility between some models. Please contact us with questions regarding compatibility. There is no compatibility between the GT and the GF systems.


  • Hands free operation in the apartment and entrance
  • Audio and visual guidance for visitor at the entrance station
  • 170 degree panoramic view from the video entry station (video system only)
  • Apartment station available with pan/tilt zoom and picture recording option
  • Apartment stations available with hearing aid function
  • Colour video hands free room stations available
  • Colour video handset room stations available
  • Audio room hands free stations available
  • Audio handset room stations available
  • Concierge or guard station available (2 standard system 4 expanded system)
  • Lift interface available with up to 320 floor control outputs (expanded system)
  • Up to 16 entrance stations (expanded system)
  • Up to 500 apartment (expanded system)
  • Up to 4 stations per apartment (up to 1500 GT2H substations expanded system)
  • Two video and audio speech links available (expanded system)
  • Simple wiring 2 wires for audio apartment stations 4 wires for video apartment stations
  • Crisp clear video images
  • CCTV camera connection (NTSC)
  • Video output on the GT2C and GT2CL room stations (NTSC)
  • Simple operation
  • Handset option for the GT2C and GT1C stations (GTHS)
  • Ability to back up all programming (GTNS required with PC via USB)
  • 3 Year Warranty

Please see the ACCESSORIES page to find accessories for this model.

Please see the DOOR & GATE LOCKS page for our range of electric strikes for this model.

Please see the KEYPADS page for Access control keypads for this model.

GT2C Apartment Station with picture memory pan tilt & zoom
GT2H Substation for GT2C with pan tilt & zoom

GT1C Apartment Station with pan tilt & zoom
GT1A Apartment Station

GT1ML Apartment Station
GT1D Apartment Station
GTMK Concierge station on optional GFWS stand

GTDM Video Entry Station
GT Video entry stations
GT Video Entry Station
GT Video entry stations
GTD Audio Entry for GT2C
GTD Audio entry for GT2C

*Images Not To Scale

 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 GT1C/L  140mm  190mm  30mm
 GT2C/L  140mm  190mm  30mm
 GT2H/L  140mm  190mm  30mm
 GT1ML  210mm  215mm  69mm
 GT1A  175mm  125mm  32mm
 GT1D  200mm  89mm  63mm
 GTDM  410mm  150mm  60mm
 SBXGTM  425mm  165mm  70mm
 GTD  130mm  98mm  28.5mm
 GF2F  225mm  135mm  16mm
 GF3F  320mm  135mm  16mm
 GT4F  425mm  135mm  16mm


For hole cut out sizes for the GT, GH and GF entrance panels see below.

GF2B  GF3B and GT4B back box hole cut out dimensions
 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 GF2B  200mm  110mm  44mm
 GF3B  295mm  110mm  44mm
 GT4B  400mm  110mm  44mm


The Aiphone GF2B, GF3B and GT4B back boxes are supplied with joining pipes which are used to link multiple back boxes together. Make sure to break out the cable knock outs when fitting these jointing pipes. There is a 25mm gap between the back boxes when they are joined with the supplied hardware.

The GF2B, GF3B and GT4B back boxes are always installed side by side as the GF2F, GF3F and GT4F panels are not designed to be installed vertically above each other.

GTDM Flush mount stainless steel entry station cutouts
 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 GTDM  380mm  125mm  60mm


GTDM Flush mount stainless steel entry station surface mounting box
 Model  Height  Width  Depth
SBXGTDM 425mm 165mm 70mm


GT Rain Hood Sizes and Models
 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 GT102H  243mm  155mm  23mm
 GT202H  243mm  290mm  23mm
 GT103H  338mm  155mm  23mm
 GT104H  433mm  155mm  23mm
 GT203H  338mm  290mm  23mm
 GT303H  338mm  425mm  23mm


GT Surface Mount Box Sizes and Models
 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 GT102HB  243mm  155mm  68mm
 GT202HB  243mm  290mm  68mm
 GT103HB  338mm  155mm  68mm
 GT104HB  443mm  155mm  68mm
 GT203HB  338mm  290mm  68mm
 GT303HB  338mm  425mm  68mm