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The Aiphone LEM intercom provides loud speaking communications. There are three types of master stations available in the LEM range; two single call models and a three call model. The LEM system enables communication between a single master and sub stations. It is not possible to install multiple master stations in the system.

Designed to suit mainly commercial applications it is also suitable for residential applications which require only basic audio communications. 

  1. Aiphone LEM1 audio single call master station. (6 volt power)
  2. Aiphone LEM1DL audio single call master station with door release. (12-24 volt power)
  3. Aiphone LEM3 audio three call master station. (6 volt power)

All Aiphone LEM stations are designed for wall mounting; desk mounting is possible though there is no desk mount kit available.

There are four models of Door Stations available as well as two models of stations.

NOTE: the LEA3 and LEA3N sub stations are not suitable for use with the LEM master stations.

NOTE: two LEM models run on 6 volt power. Connection to 12 volt power will damage these stations and this damage will not covered by warranty. Use only fixed voltage regulated 6 volt power supplies with the LEM1 and LEM3.

NOTE: the LEM system requires the installation of shielded cabling. Failure to install shielded cabling will affect the operation of this system.

Please Contact Us prior to installing any cabling to ensure the correct type of wiring is being installed.



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 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 LEM1  160mm  131mm  51mm
 LEM3  180mm  143mm  53.5mm
 LEM1DL  180mm  143mm  53.5mm