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For residential and commercial applications where a black and white handset type intercom system is required the Aiphone MK system provides video and audio communication with the connected door station. The MK1GD enables a single video door station and up to a total of three internal room stations. Digital picture memory can be added to the MK1GD if required and the option will record up to four images automatically when a caller presses the call button on a video door station.

These images can be played back on MK1GD main monitor. The system also features internal communication between room stations by All Call.

Three types of video Door Stations are available for use with the MK1GD main monitor.

  1. Aiphone MKDH surface mount plastic door station
  2. Aiphone MKDV surface mountdie cast steel vandal resistant door station
  3. Aiphone MKDVF flush mount stainless steel vandal resistant door station

The door stations are weather resistant and are designed to last in the Australian climate.

The MK series intercom is sold in kit form, each kit includes the door station a MK1GD main monitor and a power supply. The kit model part numbers are;

  1. Aiphone MKS1GD with MKDH door station
  2. Aiphone MKS1GDV with MKDV door station
  3. Aiphone MKS1GDVF with MKDVF door station

Please see the Accessories Page to find accessories for this model.



  • Handset type operation
  • Camera tilt function from video room stations
  • Colour video LCD room stations 100mm LCD display
  • Internal communications between room stations All Call
  • Video and audio monitoring of the door station
  • Stainless steel surface mount housing available for door station KADGRPANEL
  • Digital picture memory recording (Option requires the addition of a KC32EU)
  • Simple operation
  • 3 Year Warranty
 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 MK1GD  210mm  215mm  69mm
 MK1HD  210mm  215mm  69mm
 MK2SD  200mm  89mm  63mm