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There are four audio door stations and two indoor sub stations available for use with the Aiphone LEFC series audio loud speaking intercom system.

  1. Aiphone LED which is a surface mount weather resistant plastic door station
  2. Aiphone LEDL which is a surface mount weather resistant bronze colour aluminum door station
  3. Aiphone LEDA which is a stainless steel flush mount door station
  4. Aiphone LESS flush mount vandal proof weather resistant stainless steel door station and is made from 12 gauge stainless steel
  5. Aiphone LEB which is indoor substation
  6. Aiphone LEBN which is a indoor substation with privacy

All door station models are weather resistant, and are designed for outdoor use. All are covered by a three year warranty.

The SBX2G stainless steel surface mounting box is suitable for the LESS and LEDA door stations when these need to be surface mounted.

NOTE: The LEFC system requires the installation of shielded cabling. Failure to install shielded cabling will affect the operation of this system.

Please see the Accessories page to find accessories for this model.

Please Contact Us prior to installing any cabling to ensure the correct type of wiring is being installed.




LED Door Station
LED Door Station
LEDA Door Station
LEDA Door Station
LESS Door Station
LESS Door Station

LEDL Door Station
LEDL Door Station
SBX2G Surface Mounting Box
SBX2G Surface Mounting Box
(No Image currently available of LEC & LECN)


 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 LED  120mm  88mm  29mm
 LEDA  116mm  115mm  See below
 LEDL  175mm  120mm  25.5mm
 LESS  116mm  116mm  See below
 LEC  208mm  153mm  35.5mm
 LECN  208mm  153mm  35.5mm
 SBX2G  119mm  119mm  86mm


Flush mount door and semi-flush sub station hole cut out dimensions
 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 LEDL  67mm  87mm  40mm
 LESS  83mm  83mm  50mm
 LEC  155mm  96mm  40mm
 LECN  155mm  96mm  40mm