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Aiphone have added Wi-Fi and mobile phone connectivity to the JO hands free colour video intercom system.


For residential and commercial applications where a large screen colour intercom system is required.

The Aiphone JO1MDW enables a single video door station with up to two internal room stations, with Wi-Fi connection enabling an iphone or Android device to answer calls from the door. (Note there is no communications internally between monitors or mobile phone)

The JO1MDW allows recording of video and audio from the door station when someone calls from the door station and the call is not answered.

Wiring to from the entry station to the Aiphone JO1MDW is by 2 core polyethylene cable used on all of the Aiphone video intercom systems.

Wiring between room stations is by 6 core cabling, 4 cores if no door release is required.

Four types of video door stations are available for use with the Aiphone JO1MD system.

  1. Aiphone JODA surface mount plastic door station (adjustable vertical angle)
  2. Aiphone JODV surface mount die cast steel vandal resistant door station
  3. Aiphone JOVF flush mount stainless steel vandal resistant door station
  4. JKACSSFP flush mount stainless steel vandal resistant panel for the Aiphone JODVF and the Aiphone AC10U access keypad, requires Aiphone GF3B back box. JKACSSFP Brochure

All door stations are weather resistant and are designed to last in the Australian climate.

For customers that require a flush mounted door station with an in built Aiphone keypad we have a custom stainless steel panel for the Aiphone JODVF and the Aiphone AC10U keypad, the JKACSSFP stainless steel panel.

The JO series intercom is sold in kit form, each kit includes the colour door station a JO1MDW main monitor and a PS1820 power supply. The kit model part numbers are;

  1. Aiphone JOS1AW with JODA door station
  2. Aiphone JOS1VW with JODV door station
  3. Aiphone JOS1FW with JODVF door station

NOTE. When considering an intercom system with mobile phone connectivity make sure you select one from a reliable and long established manufacturer. (Aiphone has been in business since 1948). The reason, even though the intercom connects to your local Wi-Fi network the connection to your mobile phone is via an external cloud server which routes the calls to your mobile phone. If the manufacturer stops supporting this cloud server your mobile phone will no longer be able to receive calls from you intercom system via the mobile network.


  • Large 7 inch TFT touch screen
  • Hands free operation
  • Recording of up to ten 10 second videos with audio of callers from door station
  • Recoding of up to one thousand 10 second videos with audio of callers when a suitable size SD card is used (SD card not supplied)
  • Wi-Fi connection 2.4Ghz (Wi-Fi signal must be available at master station location)
  • Simple iphone and Android phone setup ap from the Apple or Google store
  • Up to 8 iphone and Android phones can be connected to the JO1MDW*
  • Backlight and Night adjustment
  • Crisp clear colour video
  • Video and audio monitoring of the entry station
  • Choice of three types of video door stations
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Minimum camera illumination 5 lux at 45cm

*App is compatible with iOS version 10, Android OS version 6.0, or later

Please see the ACCESSORIES page to find accessories for this model.

Please see the DOOR & GATE LOCKS page for our range of electric strikes for this model.

Please see the KEYPADS page for Access control keypads for this model.

JO1MDW Colour Master Room Station
JO1FD Colour Sub Room Station

JODA (Image of JKDA)



*Images Not To Scale

 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 JO1MDW  155mm  210mm  27mm
 JO1FD  130mm  230mm  21mm
 JODA  129mm  97mm  36mm
 JODV  173mm  98mm  25.5mm
 JODVF  209mm  135mm  See below

JODVF mounting hole cutout
 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 JODVF  180mm  110mm  45mm