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We at Intercom Australia can supply and install a quality Aiphone intercom system for your residence at a very competitive price.

We will provide the very best advice to make sure the system will suit your exact communication needs both now and in the future. We know what we are doing as we have over 40 years experience with Aiphone intercom systems.

We carry an extensive range of spare parts and can service and maintain your existing Aiphone intercom system. Even stocking parts for the older systems in the Aiphone range. So contact us today to arrange a service call.

Intercoms systems are becoming far more popular as a realistic security addition to the family home as they provide the benefit of being able to identify who is at the entrance before opening the door or gate. This provides added benefits especially with families with children as they can answer a call from the door on the intercom system instead of exposing themselves to possible danger by opening the door to a complete stranger.

This was actually demonstrated on a television current affairs program focusing on the problem of stranger danger with children. In two of the three cases shown on this program the children opened the front door to a complete stranger placing themselves in possible danger.

In the third case the children answered the door on their Aiphone intercom system and refused to open the door to the stranger, so the children were not being placed in any danger.

Any addition to your family home that can enhance the security and wellbeing of your family is money well spent, but make sure you are investing in a quality intercom system, do not waste your money on a system that provides inferior quality pictures or poor quality audio.

Aiphone have always been regarded world wide in the intercom and security industry as providing the best quality pictures and audio which is why the best intercom and security professionals always recommend Aiphone Intercom to their customers.

We at Intercom Australia will be pleased to provide an obligation free quote on an Aiphone intercom system designed to suit your exact needs. Or if you have in existing Aiphone system we can maintain it for you.

So contact us today and we will only be too pleased to take care of your intercom needs.