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The new Aiphone WL-11 Wireless Video Intercom offers easy installation and operation. The WL-11 is DECT wireless, so no wiring is needed.

The 1.9 GHz band frequency enables you to receive calls from the door without interference from home appliances on other frequencies.

This is a truly do it yourself colour video intercom. The external camera station is battery powered and requires no wiring.

The inside station is wireless and only requires its desk or wall mounted charging stand to be plugged into a power point.



  • Single door station
  • Single master station with 2.4 inch TFT screen
  • Easy do it yourself installation
  • Clear colour video
  • 100 meter range from door to master See note
  • DECT Wireless 1.9 GHz frequency reduces interference
  • Picture memory
  • Automatically records 3 visitor images per call
  • Stores 100 visitor images
  • Master station has built in Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • Door station requires 6 x AA size batteries (Ni-MH batteries recommended)
  • No door release possible

    Note. Specified range is for line of site operation only. If the signal has to pass though brick, stone or metal walls the transmission range will be greatly reduced. Signal will also be reduced when passing through internal walls. Wireless intercoms should only be considered in applications where cabling is impossible and the distances are short. Intercoms with cabling are always going to produce far superior performance.
WL-11 Wireless Video Intercom
WL-11 Wireless Video Intercom

*Images Not To Scale

 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 WL1ME  150mm  57mm  27mm
 WLDA  130mm  100mm  37mm