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The Aiphone LEF intercom provides loud speaking communications. There are four types of master station available in the LEF range. A three call through to the ten call model. The Aiphone LEF system enables communications between all stations in the system (depending on configuration) as well as communication with up to ten door stations (depending on configuration).

Designed to suit mainly commercial applications it is ideally suited to car park and vehicle entrances. It is also suitable for residential applications which require audio communications to many locations. 

  1. Aiphone LEF3 audio three call master station.
  2. Aiphone LEF5 audio five call master station.
  3. Aiphone LEF10 audio ten call master station.
  4. Aiphone LEF10S audio ten call master station with All Call (requires BG10C adaptor).

All Aiphone LEF stations are designed for wall mounting; desk mount kits are available as an option if required. (LEW5, LEW10 and LEW10S)

The five and ten call master stations have a door release switch to operate an electric door strike. An optional RYPA relay is required when a door release is installed. Multiple door strikes can be installed for multiple doors if required by adding additional RYPA relays.

An Aiphone RYAC relay can be installed to provide a relay trigger when a door station calls. One RYAC is required for each door station connected to the master. This can be used to trigger a CCTV camera when a door station calls.

There are four models of Door Stations available as well as four models of stations.

NOTE: The LEF system requires the installation of shielded cabling. Failure to install shielded cabling will affect the operation of this system.

Please Contact Us prior to installing any cabling to ensure the correct type of wiring is being installed.


Please see the ACCESSORIES page to find accessories for this model.

Please see the DOOR & GATE LOCKS page for our range of electric strikes for this model.

Please see the KEYPADS page for Access control keypads for this model.

LEF10 10 Call Master Station
LEF10 10 Call Master Station
LEF5 5 Call Master Station
LEF5 5 Call Master Station

EF3 3 Call Master Station
EF3 3 Call Master Station

 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 LEF10/S  206mm  190mm  55mm
 LEF5  206mm  190mm  55mm
 LEF3  180mm  143mm  53.5mm