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The Aiphone TDH intercom system provides handset type communications. There are five types of master station available in the TDH range. A single call TD1HB through to the twenty four call TD24HB model. The TDH system enables communications between all handsets in the system (depending on configuration) as well as communication with up to two door stations. Different types of handsets can be mixed to suit the application.

Paging adaptors are also available that enable the TDH handsets to be connected to a paging system. These enable paging announcements to be made from a TDH handset into a PA system. The PD2 talk back paging adaptor allows two way communications between the intercom station and the paging speakers.

A RYAC relay can also be connected to drive a buzzer or light when a handset is installed in noisy areas.

Designed to suit mainly commercial applications it is also suitable for residential applications which require audio communications to many locations. 

  1. Aiphone TD1HB audio single call master station handset.
  2. Aiphone TD3HB audio three call master station handset.
  3. Aiphone TD6HB audio six call master station handset.
  4. Aiphone TD12HB audio twelve call master station handset.
  5. Aiphone TD24HB audio twenty four call master station handset.
  6. Aiphone DEUR audio door station interface adaptor(max two per system)
  7. Aiphone PD1 single zone paging adaptor (requires amplifier and speakers)
  8. Aiphone PD2 Talk back single zone paging adaptor (requires amplifier and speakers)

All Aiphone TDH handset stations are designed for wall mounting; desk mount kits are available as an option if required. (TDW1A, TDW3A, TDW6A, TDW12A AND TDW24A)

The Aiphone DEUR door station adaptor provides a relay output to control an electric door strike. This interface is compatible with all models of the Aiphone IE Series Door Stations.


Please see the ACCESSORIES page to find accessories for this model.

Please see the DOOR & GATE LOCKS page for our range of electric strikes for this model.

Please see the KEYPADS page for Access control keypads for this model.

TD1HB 1 Call Master Handset
TD6HB 6 Call Master Handset
TD12HB 12 Call Master Handset

DEUR Door Station Adaptor
 DEUR door station adaptor
PD1 Paging Adaptor
  PD1 Paging Adaptor
PD2 Paging Adaptor
 PD2 Paging adaptor

*Images Not To Scale

 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 TD1HB  210mm  100mm  73mm
 TD3HB  210mm  100mm  73mm
 TD6HB  210mm  100mm  73mm
 TD12HB  210mm  100mm  73mm
 TD24HB  210mm  100mm  73mm
 DEUR  160mm  150mm  45mm
 PD1  138mm  91mm  51.5mm
 PD2  138mm  91mm  51.5mm